Superbowl Party Tips

The Superbowl may still be making its way across the pond, but we French do know how to throw a good party. We’ve compiled a list of easy party tips to help you throw the ultimate Superbowl Party for friends and family.

Create a stadium atmosphere

People like to be able to move and mingle, but still watch the game. You can set your home up in a way to facilitate this style of party. If you have high top tables, place them in an area behind the couch to create another layer where guests can gather. If you have the option, set up multiple TVs in various rooms, including the kitchen.

Don’t forget the kids

Set up a separate play area for kids. Have fun activities and movies available to keep them occupied throughout the festivities. Make fun desserts like dirt pudding and decorate with gummy candies in the team colors.

Keep it simple

Remember, this is not the day to fuss over china or spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. It’s about having fun! Simple finger food like chicken wings, veggies and dip and pizza are easy to make and easy to clean. These Cocoa Krispies Football Treats on the top photo is a great example of a fun and easy themed treat to make!

Superbowl Party Tips
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Tell us how you celebrate Superbowl Sunday!

*Always drink responsibly

By Flora

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