In Mathieu's shoes…

Mathieu is Sales and Marketing coordinator of the silicone kitchenware accessories brand inspired by nature, marrying design and functionality. 5 questions for Mathieu.

What is your mission within Charles Viancin Group?

I participate in the product development process and the conception of marketing supports for retailers. I also have direct relationship with our different offices around the world.

What is your favorite inspiration?

My favorite inspiration is SNOWFLAKE®. I live in Haute-Savoie near the Alps and I love snow and mountains. I have been snowboarding for a while. When I first joined Charles Viancin, the SNOWFLAKE® design was in the early stage of its development process and I loved working on its conception.

What is your favorite recipe?

I love couscous, a dish from Northern Africa. Here is my recipe, which I love to prepare for my friends and family.

What I need for 10 servings:

60 minutes to prepare
50 minutes to cook

– 2 kg of couscous grain
– 1 chicken
– 1 kg of lamb
– 1 kg of beef prime rib
– 1 kg of fresh broad beans
– 1 kg of turnips
– 1 kg of cardoons
– 400 g of chickpeas
– 300 g of salted butter
– 150 g of soaked and cooked raisins
– 150 g of pumpkin
– 70 g of hot chili sauce (harissa)
– 10 zucchinis
– 5 artichokes
– 3 carrots
– 1 fennel
– 1 sliced lemon
– 1 cabbage
– 2 tablespoons of sweet pepper
– 2 pinches of Ras-el-hanout
– 2 pinches of ground nutmeg
– 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
– 2 pinches of ground coriander
– 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil
– 1 celery stalk
– 1 bunch of parsley
– 1 bunch of fresh coriander
– 1 head of garlic
– 1 onion
– 1 pinch of salt
– 1 pinch of pepper
– 1 tablespoon of ground cumin

Délicieuse recette de cuisine par le blog Charles Viancin, à préparer avec les accessoires de cuisine en silicone Charles Viancin, inspiré par nature.
Délicieuse recette de cuisine par le blog Charles Viancin, à préparer avec les accessoires de cuisine en silicone Charles Viancin, inspiré par nature.

I brown the meats one after another, starting with the chicken, then the beef and finally the lamb (I remove each meat from the flame once cooked). Then, I brown the vegetables. Once the vegetables are cooked, I add the cooked meats and spices in the same pot. I cover with water and let cook.

I put the couscous grains in a big bowl, fill in with salty lukewarm water and let it swell. When all the water is absorbed, I separate the grains by stirring with two forks.

I put salted water in the bottom part of a steam cooker with cumin and laurel. I put the steamer basket on top and place a fine cloth containing the couscous grains in the basket.

With the handle of a wooden spoon, I make several holes in the couscous to ease the steam flow, and then I fold the cloth corners on top of the grains. I cook it for 20mn, then remove it from the flame and pour the couscous grains into a big bowl. I add the olive oil and stir with 2 forks to remove any lump.

I cook it again for another 20mn, then remove it from the flame and stir the grains with the salted butter. I cook it one last time for 10mn and pour 2 ladles of broth on top of it.

At last, I arrange meats and vegetables in a separate dish. Serve hot.

Can you share a DIY tip with us?

I am not very good at that so my best trick is always ask for help from experts.

 What are your dreams?

I would love to go climbing on top of high hills covered with snow and ice. I can only imagine myself discovering the magnificent fauna up there.


By Flora

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