Kelly is Office Manager for Charles Viancin®, the brand of fun and functional kitchenware accessories. 5 questions to Kelly…

What is your mission within Charles Viancin Group?

To assist in the building of a successful brand that continues to deliver beautiful products for the home. Provide support to many aspects of Charles Viancin Group, help develop innovative and creative ideas. Continue to strengthen and build operations that will set us apart from other companies.

What is your favorite inspiration?

The Purple Hibiscus®.

What is your favorite recipe?

The Lazarus Cheesecake Recipe. Lazarus was a large department store (now Macys) when I was growing up in Columbus, Ohio. Every year before school started, my Mom would take my brothers and I to Lazarus shopping for new school clothes.  Afterwards we would go to the Lazarus restaurant and order cheesecake. It was so delicious and a few years ago I was lucky enough to find the recipe. I make it for my family and friends on special occasions and it is a huge hit! By the way, the 11 » Charles Viancin® lids fits perfectly on a spring form pan.

Can you share a DIY tip with us?

Window cleaning trick – use coffee filters instead of paper towels. No lint and streak free. So excited that Charles Viancin® is introducing the Swedish Dish Cloths to ship later this year. They replace your need for paper towels, they’re streak free, can be used up to 6 months and are 100% biodegradable. I look forward to trying these out on my windows!

What are your dreams (personal or work oriented)?

Work: To continue to assist in the development and expansion of Charles Viancin® globally. Personal: For my husband and I to continue to watch my children grow, be happy, explore the world and make a positive impact in the community.

By Flora