Do It Yourself Wreath to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

We love this wreath for its simplicity and scent. The wreath gives off an amazing holiday fragrance and is sure to get everyone in the holiday mood! I like hanging one on the front door and in our living room .

A classic fragrant wreath for the holiday season

Time to make: 45 minutes

You’ll need:

  • cedar branches
  • pine bows
  • thin wire
  • garden shears
  • red berries
Do It Yourself Wreath to Get You in the Holiday Spirit
Charles Viancin blog is full of gift ideas and decorations to please your loved ones. Always inspired by nature, our ideas are to try!


Form a garland (approximately five feet long) by wiring branches together (overlap about four to six inches), making sure all point in the same direction. Shape into a circle and secure with wire. Add the red berries. Add ribbon, pinecones or other items to your liking.

What do you think? We are sure it looks beautiful and we wish you a wonderful and warm holiday season.

We’d love to hear other wreath ideas so feel free to post pictures of your wreaths on our Facebook page!

By Flora

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